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Marine Policy



Marine Policy

Natural resource management regimes typically involve a complex matrix of agencies, legislated requirements, and policy settings. Management regimes require periodic review over time to ensure they are still effective, and to identify any challenges or gaps as economic, social, cultural, technical and environmental contexts change.

JPEC Ltd was contracted by the Natural Resources Sector (NRS) agencies of the New Zealand Government, to direct a review of New Zealand’s marine management regime. The review assessed the current and future adequacy of the management regime for maintaining the integrity of the marine ecosystem, and delivering net benefits to New Zealand.

To conduct this review, JPEC managed and directed a multi-disciplinary team of analysts assembled from across the NRS agencies. JPEC and the team identified key current and future challenges for the marine environment, from the coast to the extended continental shelf margin. The group then assessed the ability of the current regime to address those challenges, and identified options for an improved future regime. Elements of a work programme were set out to progress these options.

Key elements contributing to JPEC’s successful completion of this complex policy project included team management, analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills, and the ability to deliver high-quality outcomes in a short and inflexible timeframe.

Outputs of the review included advice to senior managers of NRSFootnote: The NRS group of central Government agencies work together to manage the effects of resource-related industries and to reduce the environmental impact of their activities. agencies and government Ministers, to inform future policy development and natural resource management activities.

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