JPEC is an independent and objective expert consultancy that specialises in working at the environment-industry interface. Environmentally sound natural resource management is our passion. The JPEC philosophy is: Quality, Integrity, Delivery.



  • Fisheries sustainability assessments
  • Fishery performance and chain-of-custody audits
  • Environmental effects of primary industries
    • fisheries, farming, forestry and mining
  • Policy development
  • International engagement
  • Environmental education
  • Communications



Ministry for Primary Industries

Johanna is Principal Analyst for the development and implementation of MPI’s new Integrated Electronic Monitoring and Reporting System (IEMRS) across New Zealand’s commercial fisheries. IEMRS involves the roll-out of electronic catch reporting and monitoring using automated vessel-based cameras across New Zealand’s commercial fishing fleet over the next three years.

SAI Global Trust

Johanna was part of the audit teams conducting Quality Assurance Reviews of minimum performance requirements for the Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna. Reviews of Japan and New Zealand’s fisheries systems associated with southern bluefin tuna were conducted.

Intertek Fisheries Certification

Johanna has been involved in the Marine Stewardship Council certification processes for New Zealand Hoki, Southern Blue Whiting, Hake and Ling and the Ross Sea Antarctic Toothfish fisheries.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

Johanna has conducted assessments of the fisheries for Patagonian and Antarctic toothfish, alfonsino, bluenose and barramundi. She also peer reviewed other assessments.

Environmental Protection Authority

JPEC Ltd provided expert advice on the possible impacts of the proposed submarine mining of phosphate deposits on commercial fisheries.

Hauraki Gulf Forum, Auckland Council

JPEC Ltd was involved in the assessment of the state of the environment report for the Hauraki Gulf, focusing on the policy context and management of this area.

Ministry for the Environment

JPEC Ltd led a review of New Zealand’s marine management regime, focusing on the durability and legitimacy of this legislative and policy environment.

Archipelago Marine Research

JPEC Ltd was a member of the project team that conducted electronic monitoring of the snapper fishery in northern New Zealand.

Ministry for Primary Industries

JPEC Ltd has conducted two evaluations of projects seeking to increase the primary productivity of Māori-owned land.

Dragonfly Science

JPEC worked with Dragonfly on projects relating to marine protected species bycatch, e.g. reducing seabird captures in pelagic longline and demersal longline fisheries, improving the collection of data on marine protected species by fisheries observers, and estimation of cryptic seabird mortalities.

Department of Conservation

JPEC Ltd has worked on freshwater issues with a focus on the management of New Zealand’s longfin eel.

JPEC Ltd worked with the Department of Conservation to develop policy for New Zealand’s engagement with international organisations such as the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels and the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation.

JPEC prepares and circulates a newsletter for the commercial fishing sector, focussing on marine protected species issues.