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Fisheries Management

Pragmatic solutions to fisheries management problems are our passion. JPEC provides advice and expertise to enable confident and sustainable fisheries management.

Policy Development

Policy is where principles, evidence and action meet. JPEC's experience covers all elements of the policy process, including options development, analysis, and consultation, through to regulation and implementation.

Audit & Evaluation

Need to understand, trust or verify? JPEC provides a range of assessment, audit and evaluation services. We bring objectivity and integrity to fishery assessments, chain of custody audits and project and relationship evaluations.

Marine Research

At JPEC, we love information. At a desk or on the water, we provide research services that enable better natural resource management.


Our expertise includes

Fisheries sustainability assessments

JPEC conducts fishery sustainability assessments using third-party criteria, including Marine Stewardship Council and Seafood Watch. We also undertake confidential pre-assessments for clients considering Marine Stewardship Council certification.

Fishery performance and chain-of-custody audits

JPEC evaluates fishery performance and seafood supply chain integrity. We are experienced in assessing performance against the requirements of Regional Fisheries Management Organisations and qualified to conduct Marine Stewardship Council chain of custody audits.

Environmental effects of primary industries

JPEC’s expertise includes assessing and reducing the environmental effects of fisheries, forestry, farming and mining. We believe in environmentally sound natural resource management – working for industry and the environment, together.

Policy development

Need strong policy to make a change for good? JPEC can help. We are experienced in all stages of the policy process, from information collection and collation, through options development and analysis, stakeholder engagement, consultation, and regulation.

International engagement

JPEC is globally connected. We build on our own international experience by working with networks of global experts. We also help connect clients and our international colleagues, to ensure productive linkages between New Zealand and the world.

Environmental education

Improving environmental practice often means changing human behaviour. JPEC creates and delivers environmental education resources and programmes for those in the primary industries. We specialise in working with people who may be reluctant participants in environmental education.


Case studies

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Working for industry and the environment, together.

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